Management & Literary

B-Plan: Avant Garde

Tests your business acumen in ideation, projection, and investment analysis. They’ll pitch ideas and collaborate to design industry-specific products.

Leadership Event: Chaitanya

Tests creativity, critical thinking, charisma, and negotiation skills as you navigate complex situations, propose innovative solutions, and adapt to challenges.

Law: Devil’s Advocate

An immersive legal experience with lively debates, specialists, and like-minded enthusiasts, providing priceless skills and unforgettable memories.

Econ & policy E-Conjecture

A national platform for budding economists and policy geeks to showcase their skills, discussing economics and public policy on a grand stage.

Finance Event: Finopoly

Test your finance skills in a stock market event. Online preliminary round with 2 on-campus rounds. Will you break the Bank of England or face sorrow?

Game Theory: Game of Shadows

Enter a world of uncertainty and strategy, embracing Heisenberg’s unpredictability. Outsmart opponents, expect the unexpected, and sharpen your wits!

Strategy Case Study: Imperium

A thrilling case competition where you become a decision-maker shaping your company’s destiny. Engage in a battle of wits and unleash creativity!

Treasure hunt: Khoj

A captivating journalism event testing storytelling, discovery, and journalistic skills, leading to triumph through perseverance and excellence.

Sports Management: Ranneeti

An immersive sports management simulation where cunning and tenacity determine success. Rise above crises, craft formidable plans, and aim for victory.

Marketing: Vendition Vendetta

Build brands and manage crises of established companies, applying key marketing concepts and testing participants’ business acumen.

HR: HeadhunteR

Competition assessing participants’ problem-solving for positive workplace culture and effective communication skills with all parties involved.

IPL Auction

Testing your planning, critical thinking, and instant decision-making skills. Outsmart opponents, and thrive under pressure to secure the best players!

InterVarsity Debate

British Parliamentary debate with 4 teams of 2, where government teams propose a motion and opposition teams oppose it in a battle of wits and words!